When it comes to travel, Element does it all.

Our goal is take care of your every need.

From the moment you leave your home until the moment you return, our desire is to create the most seamless, convenient and meaningful travel experience possible. 

Because we take all of your likes, dislikes, preferences, allergies, inclinations and dreams to heart.                                        

The extra mile is where we start when planning your travel. 

Whether you know exactly where you want to go or need advice on something new and off the beaten path that suits your preferences, our team will propose, plan and execute with passion, excellence and attention to detail.  Sometimes we even travel with our clients at their request. 

We want you to sit in your favorite seat on the A380 to Australia. 

We want you to drive with your favorite chauffeur in Chicago because he always knows the shortcuts. 

We want you to reside in your favorite suite in New York because it makes you feel at home.

We’re constantly looking at every experience from every angle and asking how we can make it better, more interesting, more valuable.  And it always comes down to service.

To that end, Element is fortunate to have the most incredible relationships with hotels and partners worldwide.


Every time you travel, eating and drinking is mandatory to complete your experience.  

Whether it is finding the best pressed vegetable juice on the way to the airport or celebrating your 20th anniversary at The French Laundry, Element is as passionate about food, wine and culinary experiences as you are.

We work hard on your behalf to cultivate purposeful relationships with chefs, wine experts, restaurant owners and management around the world.

We are thrilled to manage all of your dining recommendations, priority reservations, private dinners & chefs, wine consultation & inventorying, vineyard experiences, food & wine festivals and epicurean travel for our clients.  Or maybe you just want to know where to get the best cortado in town (ask us; we’re all coffee lovers).

So if you need to eat or drink, anything, anywhere, we are privileged to help.


Maybe you want to entertain your guests in Steve Wynn’s cabana at Encore Beach Club

(assuming he is not there!).

Or perhaps you prefer sharing the stage at XS with David Guetta.

Maybe you just want a great table on the dance floor for you and your friends.

Whatever it is you want, we put you in your preferred nightlife environment.

In Las Vegas, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, London, Rome or Ibiza Element provides premium access, table service & hosting at the hottest nightclubs in the world.



If you’ve never sat on the wood of a Los Angeles Lakers game, attended a World Series or cheered from the 50-yard line at the Superbowl, perhaps now is the time to allow Element to help check off some of those bucket-list items.  

Collectively, the Element team is deeply passionate about all forms of entertainment and art, from film to Formula 1, from baseball to Broadway. 

Whatever you love, you will love it even more when we place you in the middle of the action.


World Series


World Cup 

Kentucky Derby


West End Theatre

Film Premiers 

U.S. Open

The Masters

(to name a few)

Want to ride a motorcycle with Bruce Springsteen?  So do we.  

Because sometimes we’ll manage to create these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Our service would not be complete without the ability to source anything and everything.

From domestic staffing to purchasing a Bugatti to creating a private tennis lesson with a champion player, sourcing is one of our specialties.

We provide personal shopping & styling, art advisory & auction management, personal security, residential rentals & sales, rare item sourcing, gifting and anything unique.

We even passed on a letter recently from a client to the CEO of a global brand complimenting one of his employees. 

That was important to our client and it became important to us.

If you can dream it, we can do it. 



When we started Element, we never thought we would end up producing some of the most unique and memorable events in our clients’ lives.   

But as it turns out, we’re really good at it.

To date, here are a few featured experiences Element has branded and produced:

Private Music Festival in Utah featuring Paul Rodgers

Sweet 16 party in Silicon Valley featuring LMFAO

$1.3 million Bachelor party in Las Vegas

Private, intimate dinner with Le Bernardin’s renowned Eric Ripert

Retirement party in Napa Valley

60th Birthday Party in the Bay Area featuring Jermaine Jackson

Your milestone becomes our passion.

We are privileged to produce unmatched experiences that our clients, their families and friends will never forget.